Welcome Village of Cashton!

We welcome the Village of Cashton as the newest community in the VC Coop serving area. Our fiber construction within village limits was finished on Friday, September 11th. We celebrated by participating in our first Cashton Fall Festival Parade. Welcome Cashton!

(Below - Top to Botom) The Village of Cashton Welcome sign. Therese Flock and Scott Frederick, VC Co-op Employees, pose next to a fiber-optic cable marker near the Cashton Community Center. VC Co-op employees take a group shot before walking in our first Cashton Fall Festival Parade in 2015.

Vernon Communications Co-op Acquires Infinity Technology

Vernon Communications Cooperative (VC Co-op) announced the acquisition of Infinity Technology, located at 214 N. Main Street in Viroqua, on July 31, 2015. The acquisition of Infinity Technology is the beginning of a new Professional Services Department of VC Co-op.

(Left Top): Rod Olson, CEO of Vernon Communications Co-op, stands between Jeff Woodward (left) and Paul Woodward (right), former owners of Infinity Technology. (Left Bottom): Jeff, Rod, and Paul pose with Tracy (1st row left) and Angie (1st row middle), VC Co-op employees currently working in the Viroqua Office. (Right Above): The former shared space at 214 N Main St, Viroqua, is now owned by Vernon Communications Cooperative.

Full Press Release available here.

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