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Our History

Vernon Communications Cooperative was formed in 1950 by a group of local visionaries.

VC Co-op was built using REA financing to serve the rural areas of Vernon County that had been neglected by local commercial companies, who they did not feel were financially viable to serve. The cooperative was formed by building new areas, as well as purchasing smaller areas, to which no phone service was available. The emphasis was placed on offering rural cooperative members the same, or better services, that could be received in urban areas.

As a Cooperative, we maintain one of the most state of the art communication networks in Western Wisconsin. In 1994, VC Co-op partnered with other area telephone companies to form Midwest Telnet, bringing Internet access to all subscribers. In 2001, Vernon Telephone Cooperative formed Vernon Communications to provide non-regulated services, such as long distance and television. Also that year, VC Co-op became the home of Midwest Telnet’s IP television headend. This was the first headend of its kind in the United States. VC Co-op had the first commercially deployed IPTV television network in the US, and one of the first two in the world. This technology has since become the standard for telephone companies who are deploying next generation television networks.

Through the years, the workforce went from its first employee, to its present staff of 35 trained and motivated employees. We currently serve over 7000 subscribers and nine exchanges. A 24-hr technical staff was introduced in 2007 to help our members, and other companies serve their customers with backup support. We even have four community television channels, broadcasting community events such as school plays, concerts, local sporting events and church services. We also have a 24/7 weather channel featuring local radar and temperatures.

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